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What we give you to make sure you’re successful.

  • Complete access to the Dropshippy platform & all updates (worth £997)
  • Your own designated success manager and coach (worth £1500+)
  • Access to our automation systems (worth £1000+)
  • Access to our A-Z E-cademy dropshipping course (worth £2000)
  • Mindset Mastermind (worth £1000)
  • Product research blueprint (worth £500)
  • Customer service blueprint (worth £500)
  • Our killer email marketing templates (worth £500)
  • TikTok organic reach course (worth £1000)
  • Done for you copy & paste email marketing templates (worth £200+)
  • Our 15-minute guide to getting your store up and running (worth £100)
  • Our 50-point dropshipping store launch checklist (worth £300)
  • Access to all future Dropshippy courses in our library


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Does the course include on-going Support & Mentoring?

YES. You're not going to be starting your business on your own, you have access to our mentoring and coaching across your entire journey.

You Get:

  • Your own success manager
  • Access to Dropshippy messenger
  • Coaching catch-ups at least 3 times per week
  • Lifetime access to the support team
  • Access to all future updates of courses, videos and templates


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Meet The Founders

Dropshippy’s founders have been dedicated to their craft for over 13 years. They've combined forces to put everything they've learnt into an affordable platform where they can offer 1-1 coaching and support to ensure that you can achieve the same success that they have

Jay Parry

Destined to leave employment, in 2015 Jay embarked on a journey into the world of online marketing. After creating his own successful private label brand, he discovered Dropshipping, which allowed him to scale his income to multiple 7 figures. Jay now helps other people set up and grow Dropshipping businesses so they can quit their 9-5 jobs and achieve financial freedom. He is now dedicating part of his time to helping others that were in his position all those years ago.

Bailey Knight

When Bailey met Jay in 2018, he was stuck in a 9-5 job he hated. After talking to Jay about the endless opportunities Dropshipping had given him, Bailey decided it was time to make a change.. 12 months later, after making £100,000 from Dropshipping, Bailey left his 9-5 and hasn't looked back since.

Our Students' Results Speak For Themselves

Every single one of our success stories, started from the same place you’re sat right now.

Alex Banyard

I was working with these guys before they've built this platform and i'm 3 months in and can't explain how much the videos and their coaching has helped, currently making more than my salary some months, looking forward to scaling and leaving work.

Lewis Gearing

Been under their wing for a while now, about to hit 6 figures rev. I left my job a few months ago, but I know this is just the start of my journey, excited to see where i'll be this time next year.

Adam Morris

Made my investment back in my first 2 months, closing in on £5k per month, can genuinely say this business model has changed my life.

Sydney R.

Me and my best friend started together in October and our first month we done around $8K in profit just from TikTok, will forever be grateful and so excited to see how much more content is going to be on this new platform! THANK YOU!

A lot of our students start their Dropshipping journey to take back control of their lives so they can have more freedom, whether that’s quitting their jobs or having an additional income stream so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed.

Imagine hitting £5k/month in sales only working part-time? That’s the great thing about Dropshipping - the more time you put in, the more money you’ll make as a result. Even working part-time you’ll make more than your friends do in their 9-5s.

Inside our mentoring we'll be there beside you, helping you to build, improve and grow your store and brand. We’ll work with you to set clear goals for your business, and make sure you’re pushing yourself and doing everything you need to hit those goals.

One of the best parts about creating an online income, is the fact that you can work remotely from any country in the world, as long as you have your phone or your laptop and a solid internet/wi-fi connection.